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Caralan Printers deliver low cost Litho Printed business forms throughout the UK.
We supply the public sector, businesses of all sizes and the printing trade. We give the same standards of personal service, reliability and integrity to all our customers.
Buying bespoke print can be a complex task and you can rely on us to make the effort to ensure you get what you need at a price you like.
We are lithographic printers - not digital
Litho printing delivers levels of quality, precision and economy that digital systems will probably never match. However, achieving this requires industrial premises and precision equipment weighing many tons. Once this investment is made and the necessary skills developed, the cost of producing true commercial grade print becomes relatively low. Over the years we have made these investments and this is reflected in the superiority of our product and the very reasonable prices we charge.
All under one roof
All the printing you see on this website is produced in house by us. This enables us to keep control of quality and costs. It also means that we can confidently stand by our product.
Standardised production cuts costs
As you can see we produce a range of NCR products that benefit from economy of scale and repetition. We also produce a great deal of print work that is not listed on this website so if you do not see what you want please ask. Alternatively, visit our parent site for a range of other printing available.
Why use Caralan Printers?
We have a simple, honest business model that allows us to deliver genuine savings. We keep our costs down and our productivity up.
Our staff are very good at what they do and we have decades of experience in print and reprographics.
Our long term, rolling program of investment has resulted in our small manufacturing facility being entirely bought and paid for. Therefore our prices don't need to carry a finance or rental element and we have long life, industrial grade equipment here waiting to do the job. Though we are a small company we are capable of delivering economies of scale and can produce in excess of five tons of print in a day.
We aren't simply cheap. There are good reasons why we can simultaneously deliver real value for money, high levels of service and reliability with a fully guaranteed product.