Free Artwork
Free Artwork Includes :-  
Basic form ruling to your requirements on front side of form only.
The inclusion of graphics supplied by you.
Simple typesetting.
Tints and shaded areas, etc.
(It is assumed all parts are printed the same)
Free Artwork Does Not Include :-  
Large areas of typesetting, eg extensive terms and conditions.
Creation of logos and original graphics.
Free Artwork is Suitable For :-  
Normal everyday forms.
e.g invoices, delivery notes, restaurant pads, etc.
Supplying your artwork instructions :-  
We are very flexible in the type of instruction we will accept and can combine whatever you send us into a final form. However we generally require you to provide us with hard copy, fax or computer files. For example you can:- We do not take detailed descriptions of forms over the telephone.
Proofing :-  
We will always send proofs and give you the chance to make changes.
We won't print until you give us written approval of your final proof.
If you need something more :-  
We will normally subsidise your artwork production upto the level of our free artwork offer. Beyond this we charge £35 per hour.  
Archiving & Retreival :-  
Once created, artwork is kept on file indefinitely.