Why Litho?
Why Lithographic Printing ? :-
If you want Quality, Accuracy and Economy then litho is the only real option for commercial grade NCR production.

The litho process is a very versatile and mature technology. It can print on a wider range of substrates at a lower cost than any other process.

Having looked very seriously at the "digital" options available today we have discounted them all on grounds of quality, versatility and production cost.

Our state of the art computer to plate systems coupled with fast makeready, high speed lithographic presses allow us to produce very short run litho NCR forms printing at lower cost than digital.

We own about 30 tons of printing and finishing equipment and can produce in excess of 5 tons of print on a single shift. This level of volume capability allows us to spread our fixed costs and keep prices down in a way that digital processes will probably never achieve.